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Bulk Orders

If you wish to print a design on fabrics, we welcome bulk order printing on polyesters.

We have a wide range of polyester textures that can be used in clothing, bags, cushions, upholstery and curtains.

For bulk orders, please email us or contact us on 010 1600 9010.

Our Story

If you are looking for unique fabric designs that reflect the hard work of a dedicated design team then you are at the right place!

Since 2009, we have been helping designers and clients to find the fabric prints that they have in mind. Given the fabrics in the textile market, it is not easy to find the right pattern that stands out with high quality easily. In 2014, we have developed our idea of selling unique fabrics to launching the first online fabric website in Egypt. Then the idea was developed further to have our own print house to produce our collection that we are proudly presenting as 100% Egyptian.

OMASH.COM team is always keen to enrich our clients with options of up to date prints that cope with the fast changing trends in the fashion and home accessories fields.